A man and a woman’s planning to do their wedding the next day so they went to the Pastor to pray for them.

As the Pastor was praying,he saw a vision that someone is going to bring a bad gift and the day they opened it they will die instantly. The Pastor told them to pray overnight so that God will destroy those who want to kill them.

When they got home they started praying but around 3am in the morning, someone knocked at the door. The wife went to open it, and she was surprised to see her friend crying and shouting,”fire is burning me, fire is burning me” She immediately said PLEASE ask your husband to stop praying, fire is burning me. Her friend confessed that she has an evil gift for the wedding and that anybody that opens it will die instantly .

That is how God saved them from wicked ones. The wedding was SUCCESSFULLY without any harm. Glory to Jesus. NOW LET’S PRAY, some of you may ignore this because you feel you are too tired to be part of this blessing from God.

Every hand that shall Type Amen and Share TO THIS PRAYER, NOW I DECLARE, NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER, Every evil man or woman trying to kill you and your husband and your children, shall be exposed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Every evil power trying to take away your happiness-day shall die in Jesus name. so shall it be in Jesus name”Amen.


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