By far, it’s hard to say why people stop 11-year-old Muin in the street.

Only when you get closer do the eyelashes focus.

They extend a little over five inches from the Russian boy’s face, gently sweeping his cheeks with each slow blink.

“I’m comfortable with them and I have no difficulty”

The boy, who lives in the Russian capital, feels comfortable with his special lashes.

“I live and i like everyone else,” he said.

“It’s not necessary to take care of my eyelashes. I am comfortable with them and I have no difficulty. “

He is even able to play football and dreams of becoming a great football player when he grows up.

Muin’s father, Zaidullo, who transferred the family from the Republic of Tajikistan to Central Asia to Russia in 2010, said that when his son “was born, his eyelashes reached his lips”.

“My wife and I were surprised. We showed it to different doctors and we were told that he was well and healthy. “

Record Breaking Photos: Boy with 5cm long Eyelashes

“Everyone pays attention to him”

The incredible eyelashes of Muin were caused by changes in the gene responsible for the growth of eyelashes.

Apparently, this gene can be influenced by drugs that a woman takes during pregnancy.

His father said that his son is now used to being noticed for his eyelashes.

“When Muin goes out on the street, everyone pays attention to him,” he said.

“He’s fine with that.”

Record Breaking Photos: Boy with 5cm long Eyelashes

Muin is listed in the Russian book of records as having the longest eyelashes in his country.