On July 27, BBC reported that Gamage – a resident of Ratnapura city, Sri Lanka accidentally became a millionaire after digging a well in his yard. For security reasons, he did not give his full name and exact home address.

Coming across a gemstone in his own house

About a year ago, Gamage built a new house and wanted to dig a well in the back garden. While he and the construction workers were digging the well when someone found some gemstones in the soil. People continued to dig and discovered a huge and extremely heavy stone.

Since he had already dug up a few gems, his family decided to bring in an expert to determine what this exotic item was. To the biggest surprise, the rock gave him an opportunity to change his life.

Experts identified this as a block of star sapphire with a size of up to 2.5 million carats, weighing about 510kg, 100cm long, 72cm wide, and 50cm high. Its value is estimated at up to $100 million when sold to the market.

Largest sapphire ever found

After finding the treasure in his home, Gamage informed the authorities of his discovery. It took more than a year for experts to clean the mudstone and other impurities before analyzing and certifying his huge gem as expensive sapphire.

Rough sapphire

The stone was named Serendipity Sapphire and is now considered the largest sapphire ever found in the world.

Dr. Gamini Zoysa, a famous gemologist, said that he has never seen such a large specimen before. This sapphire stone may have been formed 400 million years ago.”

Currently, this huge treasure is stored safely in a bank vault with a 24/7 guard.