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Sports Betting Company Allegedly Deletes Account of Man Who Wins $22 Million

Pandemonium In Cameroon As Man Wins $22 Million Only For Sports Betting Company To Allegedly Delete His Account

There was chaos and unrest in Yaoundé, Cameroon recently after a man reportedly won 13 billion CFA Francs ($22 million) on 1xBet but wasn’t paid.

It was gathered that the man played a bet with $350 (200,000 CFA Francs) and won the 13bn CFA Frans/22 million dollars, but, rather than pay him the money, the sports betting company allegedly closed and deleted his account.

When he visited the office to complain, they offered him $687,000 (400 million CFA Francs).

He was said to have rejected it and demanded the original sum but the betting company reportedly refused.

The man went to inform people in his neighbourhood and this provoked youths who then stormed the Sports betting centre.

It erupted into a riot as youths were said to have wielded weapons demanding that the man be paid his 13 billion CFA Francs.

The man, however, was later invited to a radio station to share details of what truly happened.

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