How SARS Officers Arrested, Raped and Murdered NYSC Member, Ifeoma Abugu in Police Custody in Abuja

Ms Abugu was said to have been arrested and whisked away from her fiance’s apartment by three SARS operatives at Wumba, Lokogoma Area of Abuja around September last year

She was arrested in place of her fiance, Afam Abugu, who was the initial target of the police officers. She was detained, allegedly raped, and murdered by the SARS operatives.

Ms Abugu, who had just completed her national youth service, was planning her wedding, which was scheduled for December. She was killed days after her introduction.

According to reports, the SARS Operatives invaded the deceased fiance’s apartment at Wumva village, Lokogoma, Abuja at about 5:00pm, 10th, September, 2020 in search of her fiance, Mr Afam Ugwunwa who was not at home.

The SARS Operatives decided to arrest the deceased in place of her fiance. And according to eye witnesses, Ifeoma was taken away by the SARS in a healthy state.

Only for the SARS Officers to rape her while in their custody and later murder her in cold blood. She was reported dead to her family on the 15th of september, 2020 and her body dumped at Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital.

A legal allegation has already been written to the Inspector General of Police as the SARS Officers responsible for her death are yet to be identified and prosecuted.
All we want is justice for Ifeoma…

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