Nigerians are so full of talented people when it comes to creativity, music and others.

A young talented Nigeria boy has stir reaction on social media after unveiling his much anticipated work he loves doing.

The boy by the name, Khalaf Ahmed Ali made a lots of people proud because of his talents and in a young age with this great creativity and skill, after posting his creative work in a popular aviation group on Facebook that surpass over 900 plus likes and over 100 plus comments on his posts he posted.

In the post he shared different type of planes he crafted with the use of cartons, and small bulbs that made it look like a real-like plane flashing lights from inside. He also show some pictures from inside of the plane as well.

On the post he captioned; Hi, my name is Khalaf I love make the small planes and this is my work.

See more of his works below.

See people’s reaction below.