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Breaking: Second Wave Of #Endsars Protests Erupt In Lagos, Abuja, Others As Heavy Police, Army Present (Video)

The #Endars protesters storms several States in Nigeria again to protest against Police brutality the country.

According to reports coming in, another protest of the Endsars which is trending on the micro-blogging platform known as Twitter has called the protest “phase 2” of the ENDSARS protest.

Recalled that the first Protest took place all over the country and worldwide in the month of  Octocber, for over 3 weeks before it resulted into casualties causing some people to lose their life during the protest in some of the States in Nigeria.

Also weeks ago, the IGP of Police gave a serious warning against any related Endsars protest as he said they forces won’t tolerate it with ease as they are fully prepared for any protest in the country.

The #endsars hashtag has been trending for days now after the protesters assumed to comeback massively to protest the phase 2 of #ENDSARS.

As we speak now some of the protesters has storm in full ground in Lekki toll plaza where they said to be a heavy police force and military men on ground and in the nation capital, Abuja, Benin, and others.

In A video surfacing online shows footage of protesters at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos and other state.

Watch video below.

Read some tweets about the protest below.

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