A woman, wife has reportly beaten by her husband who she is married to for over 6 (six) years now. In the posts shared on Facebook, the reporters said the woman who is also a medical doctor living in Owerri with her husband, Pius Angbo who is a correspondent to ChannelsTV.

According to reports her husband beats her to stupor because she tells him to stop squandering money on other womenn. The husband beats her blue and black as reported while she recieves serious injuries from it.

In the post shared, it says the woman had a baby of 4weeks and she has 4 children for the man.

After the beating, she took to her phone to record how her husband Mr Pius Angbo of ChannelsTV beats her mercilessly because she told him not to spend money on women.

According to the wife, her husband has been beating her when she was also pregnant with their 4week old baby and even before he do strangle her, as she later delivered the baby through surgery

Read the post shared below:

This is Dr Ifeanyinwa Angbo. She’s a medical doctor in Owerri. Her husband is Mr Pius Angbo of ChannelsTV.
She says he just beat her black and blue for telling him not to spend money on women. She just had a baby 4weeks ago and he has beaten her up seriously injuring her on her incisions she had due to the Cesarean section she had a few weeks ago.
Her husband is Pius Angbo of Channels TV. She’s had to make a video crying for help.
Her face is red, bruised, bleeding and battered. Dear
ChannelsTelevision Nigeria
you need to act on this.
She says they have been married for 6years and they now have 4children together.
Last child was born 4weeks ago.
She had a surgery to give birth to the baby. She says the husband sometimes beat her during the pregnancy and also strangled her.
This is the last beating she got.

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