Nollywoods Reigning actress Regina Daniels Nwoko has deleted or deactivated her Instagram account and the reason for her action are several insinuations which are not verified….

The first Insinuation says that the actress left Instagram after her mum goofed at the Headies 2019 which held on Saturday October 19,2019 in Lagos when she took the Mic and said
”My name is Rita Daniels A.K.A Regina Daniels Mother” And the crowd scream ”SO??????????????”..
They say Regina announced shortly after on her Insta story that she wanted to leave Instagram for a while and before anyone could blink,she was gone.

The second Insinuation says she left Instagram because her life was under threat but the Yahoo guy who was threatening her has been captured as he returned to Nigeria from Ghana..He says he was not serious and it was only a scam to collect money from Regina’s husband Ned Nwoko…
He confirmed he was in contact with Mr Nwoko and even collected a first payment of N200k and when his his account was immediately restricted, he knew there was trouble so he confessed to Mr Nwoko that all he needed was money to fix his life but Mr Nwoko insisted he wanted to know who wanted his wife Regina dead and paid another N400k into the account for info but the yahoo guy said he was already tired of the game and did not want the money but it was already too late….

Ehen,he also said he told Mr Nwoko he would give him info if he paid more money into his account and that was why the N400k was paid.

The Police believe the Popma Terry is with holding information that could lead to the arrest of those behind the threat to end Regina’s life….